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English-Bulgarian dictionary translating words and phrases
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Translates words and phrases from English to Bulgarian as well as from Bulgarian to English. The dictionary has its own Cyrillic support in case you don't have Cyrillic fonts installed on your computer. Also supports an option of showing translations of the words in a document only by pointing on them.

Stefan Angelov has developed a very useful dictionary for those who are goggling the internet for English to Bulgarian or Bulgarian to English bilingual and bidirectional dictionary. Therefore The SA Dictionary 2008 is their destination point, because it includes the following dictionaries: English-Bulgarian big dictionary with 120000 words, English-Bulgarian small dictionary with 25000 words, Bulgarian-English big dictionary with 100000 words, Bulgarian-English small dictionary with 20000 words, English-Bulgarian computer term with 500 words, Bulgarian Synonyms with 25000 words and alpha 1 release of French-Bulgarian dictionary with 35000 words. You can use these dictionaries database just by a single click. This dictionary also comes with a good advanced search feature. But the best thing about this dictionary is that it gives a good explanation of each word. It also provides some good options to make some interesting changes. And of course you can change its font also. I forget to tell you that it can read words from clipboard. So you just require to copy the word (and not to paste) to see its meaning. You can also use its Exam utility to test your skills. You can start this well-known English-Bulgarian language test from "\Program Files\SA Dictionary 2008" directory of your computer.

Manoj Goel
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  • It is available free of cost
  • Have 7 different dictionaries
  • A very good performance
  • Good explanation of each word
  • Can directly read word from Clipboard


  • No wildcard search capability
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